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What are the benefits of hiring a health care consultant?

Sometimes a new set of eyes can help you see something you would not have seen on your own. Prospective Health brings experience in many different settings and different parts of the health care industry. We don’t impose our views, but we can use our experience to help you shape the right path for your company.

What are the strengths of Prospective Health?

Experience actually executing on good ideas. Paul von Ebers has been there and done that. With other consulting firms, you get smart, junior level people who have not actually run a company. With Prospective Health, you get a senior advisor who knows what works and what doesn’t.

What size of organizations does Prospective Health serve?

We will work with any size organization. Sometimes large, established organizations need a new perspective or someone to facilitate decisions by a high functioning team. Mid-sized organizations are often so head-down on daily operations that they need someone to help them look to the future or tell them how others solve similar problems. Sometimes small, start-ups have the best ideas and just need help positioning their idea in the market.

What if I need additional services or specialized advice?

Prospective Health has relationships with other organizations and individuals who can bring specialized expertise or services. We affiliate with other experts to bring you the team you need to solve your unique needs.

Does Prospective Health help with the implementation of service recommendations?

Yes, we can. We don’t just like to blue sky, we like to see things get done. If you want us to lead an implementation, you’ll get help from someone who has done it before.

What can I expect as a new client?

First, you can expect us to listen. We need to know you and your specific situation. Then we will provide you with a clear and concise proposal for services that says what we will do. Then we will jump in and do the work. We focus on your needs right now, not trying to sell you on the next project. If you want three days of help, you will get three full days of senior advice, not a proposal for the next phase.

Why should I choose Prospective Health?

Because we have been in your shoes and we know what you are going through. You will get a partner you can trust.

Do you have references?

Of course! Here is a sample of the customers who can vouch for our services.

What is the process for contracting with Prospective Health?

Give us a call or drop us and email. Our contact information is in a tab above. We will learn your needs and then give you a proposal. We can use your normal contracts or we can provide you with ours. It is easy and quick.

How much do your services cost?

Our prices are very reasonable compared to the major consulting houses. We don’t have all the fixed overhead those companies have. We bring you senior advisors at a price you can afford. We can work on a project bid basis, a retainer or by the hour. We are flexible!

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