Prospective Health


Trusted Advice

Founded by Paul von Ebers, a seasoned health care executive, Prospective Health specializes in the following areas of advisory services:
Paul von Ebers Experience in Health Care
  • Planning Facilitation

    Identifying sources of strategic advantage in a changing competitive environment

  • Industry Insight

    Assisting healthcare delivery systems and health plans think through new relationships

  • Evaluation

    Evaluating shared services and joint ventures to create new capabilities for a new marketplace

  • Analysis

    Product line, segment or line of business turnaround analysis

Major consulting houses rely on junior-level consultants who have never worked in senior management positions or had real responsibility for execution. These intelligent, earnest consultants know everything about health care, except how to manage a health care organization. Prospective Health provides solid advisory services and senior level facilitation from executives who have had profit and loss responsibility for major healthcare organizations.

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