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Seibold and Associates

Seibold and Associates is headed by Mike Seibold who has 35 years in the health care industry as an executive and consultant.  He was formerly President and Chief Operation Officer of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.  The firm specializes in three major areas: marketing strategy, provider contacting strategy, and interim executive leadership.  In the provider space, Seibold and Associates developed the Cost, Efficiency and Outcomes report that pulls together publicly available cost data from Medicare, publicly available quality and patient satisfaction data, and health plan claims data into a comprehensive tool that facilitates fact based hospital negotiations and network strategy.

Borg Associates

Stanley W. Borg, M.D. is a principal at Borg Associates. A nationally recognized expert in healthcare management, benefits design and medical informatics, Stan has established a reputation for innovation and leadership. He has spent more than 15 years in operational, clinical and academic roles with some of the nation’s most prominent organizations.

W-Squared Group

Winston Wong is President of the W-Squared Group. Winston has over 30 years of experience in the health care arena, with a wide scope of experience ranging from clinical to administrative and strategic management with an emphasis on pharmaceutical care. Current focus is the delivery of total integrated and coordinated care, forming the basis of providing high quality patient care to optimize outcomes, rendered via the most cost efficient utilization of resources.

CTI Administrators

CTI Administrators has over 25 years of experience in full administration of health benefit programs for employers. CTI has worked with major employers for many years and understands health benefit design and payment arrangements between health insurers and health systems. CTI employs state of the art computer systems and a highly skilled and experienced staff. CTI has the tools and experience to assist Accountable Care Organizations in bringing ACO products to market.

Arista Strategy Group

Rod Trent is Managing Director of the Arista Strategy Group.  Rod has extensive experience in helping organizations move from strategy to execution.  Any new strategy brings with it implications and risks associated with capturing its full value.  These implications can be far reaching; strategic/environmental, organizational, operational, and technological.  Arista works with clients of all sizes to evaluate and manage/mitigate those implications and risks and attain the required degree of alignment of all components; facilitating your success.

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